Gesture Control | IR Motion Sensor

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EyeLights Gesture Control© is a, IR motion sensor allowing drivers to use simple hand gestures to perform various actions. 

  • Incoming calls can be accepted or rejected. Swipe your hand horizontally to the left or right.
  • Change the music from your smartphone with horizontally left or right motion.
  • Launch the voice control (Google or Siri) to make a call or send a message with vertically up motion.
  • Quickly operate EyeDrive backup camera
  • Manage EyeLights head-up display infotainment 
Gesture Control is a standalone device, working on every car even if you do not have an EyeLights Car. 

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Join the ultimate EyeDrive experience by associating our motion sensor to our head-up display into your car.

EyeDrive + Gesture Control

339.00€ ($380)

239.00€ ($267)

339.00€ ($380)

239.00€ ($267)

  • Display your GPS (Waze, Google Maps), your music and your calls on your windshield.
  • Link your motion sensor to the EyeDrive and control your music, accept/reject your calls without touching your phone.
  • Manage your music, make calls with our voice control (Siri / Google integration
  • Easy setup. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter socket and connect it to your smartphone.

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