I just received my EyeRide. What should I do before I can use it?

For Android users only, it is necessary to download the Android Auto app before you can use your EyeRide. This maneuver is not necessary for iOS users, Apple CarPlay being present natively on your phone.

For Android versions, you will need to validate the settings and permissions necessary for the application to work properly. Make sure you have a version of Android Auto that supports wireless functionality. Following this, you will have to go to Android Auto & gt; Settings & gt; Phone screen settings & gt; Automatic launch & gt; Check “automatic launch” then choose EyeRide from the list of devices.

Also make sure you are not connected to an existing WiFi network to avoid creating connection conflicts.

For all users, you must also activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are required to use your EyeRide.

A first full charge of the product is required, and must be carried out preferably
using a standard USB-C cable and a telephone socket (Do not use a "Fast charge" cable or a computer or tablet charger as this may damage the device) "

In order to be able to use the voice command during your use, it is necessary to have configured your voice assistant beforehand. If you already use it, you can go to the next step. is not the case, please configure your voice assistant in the settings of your phone, otherwise you will not will be able to control your EyeRide by voice.

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