Eyeride HUD
Head up Display

Make your rides safer

Upgrade your helmet with our new HUD Technology :
GPS, Intercom, Calls, Music  in your line of sight

Eyeride HUD
Head up Display

Make your rides safer

Upgrade your helmet with our new HUD Technology :
GPS, Intercom, Calls, Music  in your line of sight

EyeRide is the smallest Head up Display you can mount on any type of helmet . Maps, speed and caller ID are displayed directly in your line of sight.

Conçu par des ex-ingénieurs et docteurs en photonique de chez BMW et Airbus,  il complies with FCC/CE/PSE/MIC certification standards.  

Why our  HUD technology makes your rides  safer  ?

We are on a mission  to improve riders' safety . HUD was born for fighter pilots, came to automotive industry for more than a decade.

Since 2017, we made it real for 5433 riders.
Save 4.3s of reaction time * by using our  patented HUD technology   instead of phone mount. You can now enjoy the second generation of our product, built with our community feedbacks. (*French Road Safety Organization)  

Clients Feedback

Laurent, client

"Excellent ! Head up display is undeniably a real plus in motorcycle riding"

Sylvie, cliente

"Tired of looking at my handlebar and my phone. Eyelights is a futuristic copilot for bikers !"

Till Ferges, journaliste chez Motorrad.net

"Really cool ! It's like a messenger from the future and a true pioneering achievement - Chapeau"

Marc, client 🇬🇧

"Display is crisp and transparent, speed warnings are good and it's really easy to setup!"

Easy  Setup

Upgrade your helmet with visual and sound kit in 128s.

EyeRide Works with Android and IOS apps

Mount it on any kind of helmet:

✓ Integra
✓ Convertible
✓ Jet

 EyeRide was meant to be  working with prescription glasses .

As it is placed behind your sun visor, you are still able to use it.  

Works with

Upgrade your rides

Anticipate curves.
Feel the road like never before.  

Never get lost again: EyeRide  is powered by google maps, plan, Waze ... 

Voyez qui vous appelle : l'identité des appelants est affichée; vous pouvez décrocher grâce au contrôle vocal ou avec la télécommande bluetooth installée sur votre guidon (option).

Our 5.0 bluetooth stereo flat speakers  offers powerful (99 dB) and premium sound experience  so you can hear clearly, even above 100 km/h. Conversations are not disturbed by wind with our directional microphone.

You can  connect to any other rider with unlimited range  by using our  intercom technology .

Last but not least EyeRide works with any of your favorite music apps:
Spotify, Youtube music

Join our  community

...& enjoy exclusive privileges  😉

We integrated the  smallest  and  brightest Nano HD OLED technology.  

Smartphone filmed: zoom in the optics

The combination of  infinite focus  and  nano HD Oled  by SONY brings natural looking, crystal clear and bright images  ( 3000 nits). NanoOled also brings 100% transparency  with true black color so you keep your focus on the road ahead.  

Safety should never wait.
Secure your ride with our new HUD. 

... and there is more :

Control your music & calls with a handlebar push button

Bluetooth connection 5.0 Low Energy

Change music (any app.)

Launch Voice Command (Eyelights app.)

2 years autonomy, self adhesive

Place the smallest 5.0 Bluetooth button on your handlebar and change your music in any application.

You can also make/decline calls through our smartphone apps.

Highlights : Waterproof, IP 54, 2 years autonomy & a replaceable battery. 

Stick it directly wherever you want on your handlebar.

Eyeride Head up Display flick button

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EyeRide Head up Display

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EyeRide Head up Display
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EyeRide Head up Display
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