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I just got my EyeRide. What do I need to do before I can use it?

For Android-only users,it is necessary to Download the Android Auto app before you can use your EyeRide. This is not necessary for iOS users, as Apple CarPlay is present natively on your phone.

For Android versions, you'll need to validate the settings and permissions needed to make the app work. Make sure you have a version of Android Auto that manages the wireless feature. After that, you will have to go to Android Auto>Parameters>Parometers phone>The automatic>Cocher "automatic launch" and then choose the EyeRide from the list of devices.

Make sure that the "Limit Wi-Fi" option in the Settings section of the Android Auto app is disabled.

Also, be careful not to be connected to an existing WiFi network so as not to create connection conflicts.

For all users, you also need to activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are required to use your EyeRide.

A first full charge of the product is required, and should be carried out preferably using the original USB-C cable provided with your EyeRide.

In order to use voice control during use, it is necessary to have your voice assistant set up beforehand. If you're already using the latter, you can take the next step. If not, please set up your voice assistant in your phone's settings, otherwise you won't be able to control your EyeRide by voice.

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How do I connect my EyeRide to my smartphone?

Warning: For Android users, before following the steps below, it is necessary to have downloaded and launched Android Auto for the first time.

In order to pair your EyeRide with your smartphone, you must first activate WiFi on your phone without selecting a network. Be careful not to be connected to an existing WiFi network so you don't create connection conflicts.

Then turn on Bluetooth, then select the EyeRide from the device list. After a few seconds (up to one minute for the first pairing), your smartphone will ask you for permission to pair: accept the pairing and after a few seconds, Android Auto or Apple Carplay appears in your prism, so it is correctly connected.

Tip: If you want to save your phone's battery, be aware that using Bluetooth is no longer necessary once your EyeRide is paired (in case you don't use the Bluetooth remote)

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How do I install the EyeRide on my helmet?

Would you rather be guided on video? It's this way!

The installation is done in three parts, the optical module, the external module and the audio kit.

Step one: fixing the optical module

Start by removing the protective foams from your cheeks and detach only the bottom of the cap.

Attach the optical module to the right area of your helmet (in a stop) using the sticker film provided. Apply high pressure to the latter for about two minutes.

For solar-vised helmets, position and secure the hold between the inside of the sun visor and the inner cap. To enjoy a better level of attachment, we advise you to also use the second sticker provided by placing it on the vertical part of the hold.

For helmets without a sun visor, insert the hold between the hull and the inner cap and attach it with the adhesive provided for this purpose.

In both cases, bring the horizontal part of the hold into the helmet cap. Be sure to leave a little slack to the cable connecting the two modules so you can make your adjustments afterwards.

Step two: fixing the external module

Beware, the external module and the prism are connected by a cable, which is called a video tablecloth and which passes the video signal between the two modules, this cable is very fragile, do not shoot, it could damage your product.

The external module, like the prism, will be placed on the right side of the helmet.

Take off the protective film of the 3M adhesive and place the module where you want it and apply a pressure of about 2 minutes.

Step Three: Installing the audio kit

Install the audio kit's flat earbuds in the interior locations. The earpiece connected to the microphone, which has the shortest cable, is positioned on the right side of the headset. To properly position the directional microphone, the small white arrow-shaped mark must face your mouth and therefore inside the helmet.

How do I launch a navigation? Can I change my navigation app at leisure?

To start browsing, program it on your phone and launch it in the navigation app of your choice before turning on your EyeRide. All you have to do is turn on your product so that navigation appears through the prism.

Another option is to activate voice control via your EyeRide (from pressure on the external module) and launch navigation through it, for example by saying "New destination, XXX Street". Navigation will then launch with the default configured app in Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

You can change the default navigation app via the icon representing a panel with an arrow in the main menu of Android Auto.

If you're using Apple Carplay, you'll just have to specify the name of the app you want using your voice command. For example "mmène me in Toulouse with Waze"

How do I adjust the prism?

Turn on the product and connect it to display the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto menu on the prism. Find the location of your optical module using the two main settings to see the menu in the way that works best for you. You'll find two diagrams at the end of the article to help you.

The internal module has a dual adjustment system, consisting of a set to slide horizontally and a double-patella rod to adjust the angle and depth. This will make it easy to find the layout that is best for you.

Be sure to secure the hold with your hand during this very first adjustment because the sticker has not yet had time to polymerize (we advise you to wait 24 hours before any manipulation). This precaution is only necessary during the first adjustment.

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Loading advice

To benefit from the maximum autonomy, we recommend the use of a
standard smartphone (output 5V / 2A, or about 10W) associated with a standard USB-C cable.


- the "Fast charge is not supported by the device (USB-C/ USB-C cable).

- Do not use a computer or tablet charger because the voltage is too high and will damage the device.

Leave your EyeRide charging for 3 to 4 hours for a full charge or overnight before use.

Depending on your usage, the autonomy of the EyeRide can be significantly different from a
motorcycle exit to the other.
Particularly energy-intensive actions are pairing, calls, repeated solicitations of the system such as voice commands.

You can extend the duration of use of the EyeRide by plugging it into the USB port of your motorcycle if it is equipped with it.