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Limited Edition - Bluetooth Remote Control. Customize your EyeRide!

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Want to stand out from the standard black color? Choose the color of The EyeRide: silver, red, midnight blue, gold.

What's in the box?

  • Head-up display and mounting accessories
  • Flat headphones-Microphone: Hands-free -Intercom Kit
  • Low-power bluetooth 5.0 remote control
  • Works with all GPS apps: Google Maps, Maps, Waze. Voice control. Android and iOS compatible.
  • Compatible with eyeglasses - all types of helmets

Why is the remote control a plus?


External module:

Height 26mm ±0.5mm

3M adhesive fixing

Customizable Led Lights RVB

Optical module

Weight 8g

3M adhesive fixing

Length 35mm ±0.5mm

Height 15mm ±0.5mm

Width 15mm ±0.5mm

Power 5V

USB C charger

1850 mAh battery capacity

Audio Kit

Speaker type: Flat speakers

Speaker max level: 95 dB

Sound quality: Premium Sound experience

Microphone: Directional microphone with noise cancelling

Voice command: Voice control-calls Personal digital assistant (Siri, Google...)



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