" An Interactive navigation aid" "         " AMAZING " 

"Awesome and really natural"   "Innovative & Secure"

"Thanks to its transparency, we keep 100% of our attention on the road!"

There were more than one hundred comong to try the GPS EyeLights in real conditions during our France tour 2018 !

Discover the feedback of this life-size test.


Thank you everyone ! It is thanks to you that you were able to give life to the Eyelights adventure. Throwback to the delivering of products ceremony in Paris.  

« I have only one word to say : finally ! »          « Today i won the lottery » 
« Bikers were waiting for this product »                                                

« This is the future »                          « A real innovation » 
« Congrats to the French Tech, Congrats to Eyelights » 

Barbara Collet, Yamaha endurance and road rallye rider tested the Eyelights GPS during the 2017 JNMM.

« This is a really good idea, regarding both security and comfort. At the security level, this is the future. I'm really enthusiastic about the project. » 

Mehdi, journalist-tester for Motorlive tested EyeLights at the Alpes Aventure Motofestival. After a test in the pouring rain, it remains pretty bluffed by this GPS new generation.

« This is truly bluffing. The instructions come up directly in my field of sight and in the end, we wish we could have it all over the visor ! » 

Before departing in the 2017 Moto Tour, Lionel Richer, winner of the 2016 edition was able to test Eyelights in the streets of Limoges.

« It's really interesting to receive the information without leaving the road from our sight, unlike with a regular GPS. The info appars in the field of vision, without hampering the sight. » 

We've had the chance to receive the France 3 teams in our offices to talk about Eyelights, its history and interview Christophe, user of Eyelights since its debut.

« The concept of Eyelights is to export the fighter pilots' helmet technology to the motorcycle helmets. We voluntarily limited the number of displayable informations to stay in an idea of an active security and anticipation of accidents. » 

They came to meet us two years ago, while Eyelights was still a prototype.

Look for the second report done by M6 on our GPS of the future. .

« Thought for security, Eyelights your new road companion ! »