Eyelights Updates.

80 000 speed cameras integration.

We are integrating more than 80,000 danger zones and controls to secure each of your journeys.

You are alerted in real time via an audio and visual signal. Concentrate on the road, Eyelights takes care of the rest!

Full redesigned display

We have worked on a new Eyelights display. More ergonomics, easier to read information and better design.

Chaque élément a été retravaillé sur la base des suggestions des membres de notre communauté ! Une création certifiée 100 % motarde.

Fighter pilot mode

What better feeling than riding a motorcycle? Maybe to put yourself in the shoes of a fighter pilot.

This new display mode has been designed to give your motorcycle rides a sensation never seen before.

Begin the adventure !

Available for any helmet, GPS guiding, speed, and limitations are displayed directly on the road enabling the rider to all ways to keep his eyes on the Road.

To help you to don't take off your eyes of the road: Navigation, Music, Calls, Voice Control is now easily accessible.

Paid in 4 installments (not available)