EyeLights Car | Automotive Head-up Display

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Head-up Display : display your favorite GPS app ( Waze, Google Maps ), music and calls on your windshield. .

Compatible with all cars.

Compatible with all smartphones.

Easy setup : Just plug it into your cigarette lighter socket and connect it to your smartphone.


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Take your car to the next level.

The future of navigation is very close! Visual experience, gestures or both?
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EyeLights Car & Capteur de mouvement

EyeLights Car & Capteur de mouvement

349.00 € EUR249.00 € EUR

Control your phone without touching it by associating EyeLights with our gesture control.

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EyeLights Car | Full Option

EyeLights Car | Pack Full Option

409.00 € EUR309.00 € EUR

Head-up display, gesture control and rearview camera: Live the ultimate EyeLights adventure.

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