The World's Smartest Car Assistant

Display Navigation, Music & Calls on your windshield. Control them using your hand or your voice.

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Get Maps On Your Windshield.

EyeDrive allows you to display your favorite navigation app, directly on your windshield.

Enter your desired address on Waze or Google Maps. Get the best route and follow it without taking your eyes off the road.

Music & Calls In Front Of You.

Display your favorite music apps from your phone to your windshield.

Know who is calling you.
Reply or start new conversations without touching your phone.

Control Everything Like A Jedi.

EyeDrive Gesture Control© is a truly intuitive wireless technology. Our gesture sensor uses infrared technology to detect your hand movements and launch different actions.

Use natural swipes to accept/decline a call, manage your music or launch our backup camera.

Say Goodbye To Parking Issues

EyeDrive integrates a rear view camera compatible with any car. Enjoy a perfectly clear and lag free image displayed on your windshield.

Easy to install. Waterproof. Wireless.
5 times cheaper than a built-in option.

Have you ever experienced it ?

Phone distraction occurred on 52% of all trips that ended in a crash.

On road journeys that involved a crash, the average duration of distraction was 135 seconds.

"It's Like A Second Nature"

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