Date of entry into force: 01/03/2019

Last modification: 02/06/2020

Article 1: object

These general conditions of sale apply without restriction or reservation to all online sales offered by the company EYELIGHTS on the website (hereinafter: "the Site").

The Site is an electronic commerce platform, which allows Internet users (hereinafter: "Buyers") to acquire a head-up display device, offered for sale on the Site, as well as its accessories (hereinafter: after: "the Device").

The purpose of these general conditions is to define the terms and conditions of the online sale and delivery of the Device, as well as to define the rights and obligations of the parties in this context.

They are accessible and printable at any time by a direct link at the bottom of the Site page.

The applicable version of the general conditions is the one that can be viewed online on the Site on the date of the Buyer's order, a copy of which is sent to him with his order confirmation.

These general conditions of sale prevail over any other general or specific conditions not expressly approved by EYELIGHTS.

They may be supplemented, where appropriate, by conditions of use specific to certain services offered on the Site, which supplement these general conditions and, in the event of contradiction, prevail over them.

ARTICLE 2 - Identity of the seller and contact

ARTICLE 3 - Legal capacity and acceptance of the general conditions

ARTICLE 4 - Characteristics of the Device

ARTICLE 5 - Ordering the Device

ARTICLE 6 - Price and method of payment

ARTICLE 7 - Delivery

ARTICLE 8 - Right of withdrawal


ARTICLE 9 - Legal guarantees

ARTICLE 10 - Obligation of buyers

ARTICLE 11 - Responsibility of EYELIGHTS

ARTICLE 12 - Intellectual Property

ARTICLE 13 - Personal data

ARTICLE 14 - Advertising

ARTICLE 15 - Links and third-party sites

ARTICLE 16 - Prohibited behavior

16.1.1 The following are strictly prohibited: (i) any behavior likely to interrupt, suspend, slow down or prevent the proper functioning of the Site, (ii) any intrusion or attempted intrusion into the systems of EYELIGHTS, (iii) any misappropriation of system resources of the Site, (iv) any action likely to impose a disproportionate burden on the latter's infrastructure, (v) any breach of security and authentication measures, (vi) any act likely to infringe the rights and financial, commercial or moral interests of EYELIGHTS or users of its Site, (vii) any practice diverting the Site to purposes other than those for which it was designed and finally more generally (viii) any breach of these general conditions or to the laws and regulations in force.

16.2. It is also strictly forbidden to monetize, sell or grant all or part of the access to the Site, as well as to the information it contains.

16.3. In the event of failure to comply with any of the provisions of this article or more generally, infringements of laws and regulations, EYELIGHTS reserves the right to take all appropriate measures and initiate any legal action.

ARTICLE 17 - Amendments

ARTICLE 18 - Language

ARTICLE 19 - Mediation

ARTICLE 20 - Applicable law and jurisdiction




These General Conditions define the rules and conditions of use of the Products sold by EYELIGHTS and are concluded between the User and the company EYELIGHTS, a simplified joint-stock company, with capital of €148,233, registered under number 819 514 118 at the RCS. of TOULOUSE, having its registered office at 201 rue Pierre et Marie Curie in LABEGE (31670) represented by Mr. Romain DUFLOT (hereinafter referred to as "EYELIGHTS"), whose business is the design, manufacture and sale of head accessories high for motorcycle helmets.

EYELIGHTS and the User are hereinafter individually referred to as a "Party" and together the "Parties".

Any use of the Products automatically implies full acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.

The acceptance of these by the User is materialized by the fact for the User to tick the box adjoining the mention “I have read the General Conditions of Use and I adhere to them without reservation. (Read the General Conditions of Use)” when placing an Order or when communicating the product activation code by email.

This approach is equivalent for the User to acknowledge that he has read it fully and that he approves, without exception or reservation, all the general conditions indicated below.

ARTICLE 1 - Definitions

"Application" means the mobile application developed by EYELIGHTS according to the computer formats usable on the Internet comprising data of different kinds, and in particular texts, sounds, fixed or animated images, videos, databases, intended to be consulted by users of the Application available on mobile phones equipped with the operating systems IOS 10.1 or later versions and Android OS 4.4 or later versions.

“Optical Module” refers to the Product's head-up display, which projects navigation information into the User's field of vision.

"Installation" means the assembly and configuration by the User of the Product sold by EYELIGHTS.

"Delivery" means the delivery to the User or to a third party or carrier designated by the latter, of the Product sold by EYELIGHTS.

"Bluetooth Kit" means the Product's Bluetooth kit, consisting of an audio input (microphone) and an audio output (earphones), which allow communications by mobile phones supporting the A2DP* and HFP* profiles (guaranteed for a range limited to ten (10) meters).

* Mobile phones that do not support the Bluetooth profile may prevent the User from using the redial and call rejection features.

"Product" means the head-up accessories for motorcycle helmets sold by EYELIGHTS and used by the User. The Product is not a toy.

“Control Unit” means the voice control of the Product, which enables various functionalities related to GPS satellite navigation and telephone calls.

"User" means any natural person, having the legal capacity to contract and using Products sold by EYELIGHTS.

"Use" means the use and use by the User of the Product sold by EYELIGHTS.

"Mobile phone" means the User's mobile phone on which the Application is downloaded and the Product connected via Bluetooth.

ARTICLE 2 - Delivery of the product

ARTICLE 3 - Prerequisites

ARTICLE 4 - Loading, Reloading and maintenance of the product

ARTICLE 5 - Installation of products

ARTICLE 6 - Use of products

ARTICLE 7 - License relating to the use of the product

ARTICLE 8 - Liability

ARTICLE 9 - Intellectual property

ARTICLE 10 - General provisions

ARTICLE 11 - Applicable law and settlement of disputes

Article 12 - Warranty conditions