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EyeRide Head up Display + Bluetooth Remote | GPS, Intercom, Calls, Music

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Secure your rides with EyeRide ! EyeRide is an All-in-one Head-Up Display system combined with a stereo communication system. It allows you to project your navigation in your field of vision while keeping your eyes on the road.

Enjoy the smallest Bluetooth button on the market, stick it wherever you want on your handlebar and manage your favorite applications with fingertips.

Head-Up Display GPS: Display your favorite GPS application (Google Maps, Waze...) in your natural line of sight and never look down at your mobile phone on your handlebar again.

Bluetooth Button : discreet, it will soon be one of your best ride's pal. 2 years autonomy

Hands-Free Kit / Intercom : Receive or make calls. Communicate with all intercom on the market via the EyeLights free application.
Voice Control :
Make calls, play the next song ... while keeping your hands on the handlebars.
Music :
Listen to the radio or play your favorite playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer... directly from your smartphone.
Compatible with all helmets
(Jet, Fullface, Convertible & Modulable), eyeRide also works with prescription glasses and sun vizor.
Autonomy :
1 day (normal use)

During your road trips or daily commutes, EyeRide will be the best copilot you've ever had !

14 days trial
Money-back guarantee*

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Shipping begins in Oct.2020

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